Hello everyone.  I am known as Diamond Willard, and I just love being in the woods.  Being an avid hiker and forager, over the years I have found numerous ways to make and save money, feed myself and my family, and otherwise benefit from my excursions into nature.  In this blog I will be sharing my insights and experiences as a resource for like-minded people.  I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

I will try to keep my posts timely and relevant, so that others can use my blog as a guide through the year.  Keep in mind that I am in Southern Minnesota, so my posts will be the most timely for those who live in my area and north.

My first post will be for mid-April, when I have finished collecting my maple syrup and Ramps (wild leeks), and Fiddleheads (young sprouts from ferns) are first making their appearance.  It is this time of year that I begin preparing for Morel mushroom season by climbing the surrounding hills and ravines to get shape; while I am at it I pick ramps and fiddleheads (and these taste great with the morels too!).

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope I can provide an excellent resource for many in the future.


Diamond Willard


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