Morel Season Begins in Southern Minnesota

There may be a slow-down in the frequency of my posts for the next few weeks; it appears that morel season has begun, and I cannot resist the call to trek the hills.  I checked one of my early spots yesterday on my way to pick the kiddos up from school, and was delighted to find one.  The kids and I stopped back at the spot and rustled up nearly a pound of nice little grays, my favorites.  These little guys can be hard to see peeking through the dried leaves, and I was glad to have the young eyes along.  It was so much fun!

I have been taking pictures of some of the other early spring foragables in our area, the fiddleheads and stinging nettles, and gathering some too.  It was cloudy and dark the day that I photographed fiddleheads, and the pictures didn’t turn out too well.  I am hoping to see a few more at picking stage, and will get more photos when I do.  Even though morel season has begun, I still intend to write about fiddleheads and nettles, but it is hard to resist the call of the morels.

Ramps and Morels are plentiful in our area, and easy to identify, but always be careful that you know what you are collecting before consuming anything.  I strongly recommend getting a quality field guide to assist you in identification and to show plants and fungi that can be confused with the edible you are out to collect.  As far as ramps go, if they look like the photos I have posted, break one, and if it smells like onion, it is a ramp.

There are many ramps in the area in which I live, and maybe you have quite a few in your area too.  It is important to harvest responsibly to maintain a good supply of these wild onions for us and for the wildlife into the future.  I am taking only part of a patch that I find, and I will be collecting seeds to spread around.

Daybreak is here now and the hills are calling.


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